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Development of ETT Tandem model in progress

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The development of a model for European Trainer Teacher Tandems is processing. Experiences from the first tandem in Copenhagen have succesfully been transferd into an improved transnational tandem in Austria. The partners of ETT Tandem were hosted by the project team of BFI Upper Austria from February 23rd – 25th 2reflection11016. The tandems shadowed and experienced vocational training at the training center of the company BRP Rotax at Gunskirchen for two days. A mix of observing, talking to vocational training staff and the apprentices themselves has given the foreign teachers and trainers a broad but intensive impression of how the practical units of dual training in Austria function.antonio at rotax

On the last day of the transnational meeting, the project management team asked the trainers and teachers to reflect on their observations, experiences and possibilites of methods transfer into other VET systems with a World Café method. Despite of structural differences in the VET systems of the european partner countries, trainers have pointed out transferable elements and presented themselves keen on taking measures in their own teaching.