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European trainers and teachers are impressed by mentality of teaching in Kozani, Greece

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European trainers and teachers have been deeply impressed by OAED EPAS Kozani teachers and their strong effort and commitment to vocational education of their students. The great effort and good will of the teachers to lead their student to a successful vocational education and find jobs is highly appreciated by the partners of the ETT Tandem project. It has been stated that “modern and high level equipment is not the main aspect of learning and teaching in a good way”.

For the 4th time teachers and trainers from the six partner countries of ETT Tandem observed the teaching and training in one of the partner countries. This time OAED EPAS Kozani, a school in the Greek region of Western Macedonia, hosted the European project. What has been most outstanding for the European partners is the close relationship between the teachers of the VET school and their students. As practical training in companies is not regulated by law in Greece, teachers act as mentors and supervisors in all stages of vocational education. The fact that students work at companies in the morning and go to school in the afternoon day by day has astonished the group. Apart from that, technical equipment is far from the standards in the other European partner countries. But students as well as teachers seemed not to complain, but to be really grateful for having the possibility to work and learn/ teach. This mentality of “making the most out of very little” is a good impression the European partners have taken back home and keep in mind for their own teaching.

From their own experiences , the partner teachers and trainers advised their Greek colleagues to leave open the way of solving problems or finding solutions to their students. Instead of showing the way in the beginning and let the students copy it, students should find their own ways of getting to a specifically defined goal.