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ETT Tandem Model and Collection of Good Practice now available

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The European Trainer Teacher Tandem Model has been finalised by the project partners. The praxis guideline for teachers, trainers and institutions of vocational education and training gives advise on how to plan, prepare and implement European Trainer Teacher Tandems. It gives information on the different motives for tandem activities among teachers and trainers of the European Vocational Education institutions and possible learning outcomes.

We would like to encourage other VET institutions in Europe to follow our example and implement tandems themselves. You can download the guideline here.

During the pilot project “European Trainer Teacher Tandem” six transnational meetings have taken place in six different countries five times with simultanous tandem activities. The meetings have taken place at the partner organisations’s places. The places have been very diverse, ranging from vocational schools with only small practical workshops to public-private partnership training centres and work-based learning in companies. The full variety of vocational education and training has been represented in the ETT Tandem project. This variety also had a deep impact on the ETT Tandem Model. It has become obvious that the Model has to be an open, flexible and inspiring one rather than a limiting one. It shoud give hints, advice and ideas, but give enough space to adjust and widen the idea of European Trainer Teacher Tandems depending on the local conditions and environment.

Another product of the ETT Tandem project is the “Collection of Good Practice Examples”. In addition to the general advise and recommendations in the guideline the “Collection of Good Practice Examples” presents the voices of the tandem participants themselves. The broschure gives insight to the practical experiences made by teachers ans trainers throughout the pilot tandems in five of the six partner countries. With descriptions of activities and statements of the participants it underlines the benefit of the exchange of European trainers and teachers in vocational education and training.

Please go ahead and build tandems, we can only recommend!

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