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The European Trainer Teacher Tandem (ETT Tandem) project is funded by the European Union within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme “Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training”. The project has been running since 2014 and will be completed in 2017.

The Erasmus + programme aims to improve the quality of vocational education and training across Europe. Besides providing opportunities for vocational students and staff to undertake traineeships abroad it also fosters vocational education and training institutions to build strategic partnerships with other organisations and businesses to establish close links between education and training and the world of work. Read more about the Erasmus+ programme.

tandem exchangeTo fulfill the needs for the vocational education sector, the  ETT Tandem project has been developed as a pilot project of exchanges between European teachers and trainers, the main actors of the educational systems. Its aim is to use the tandem idea of bringing resources of knowledge together and developing new strategies in common in the field of vocational training. Teachers and trainers of vocational education will test effective exchange of knowledge and improvements of teaching in the diverse vocational education and training systems.

During the pilot phase project meetings of the organizational staff from the partner institutions and tandem exchanges will take place at the same time. The project partners of the six countries will bring along vocational teachers and/ or trainers who are brought together in tandems in their real training environments. This procedure of direct and active one-on-one experience helps getting to know other systems of vocational education and enables immediate practical exchange. Trainers for example from the dual training systems of Austria and Germany pass on their practical training skills to teachers and trainers of school-based vocational education systems.The ETT-Tandem model will give the possibility to improve and integrate special elements into practice by teaching together and learning from each other.

Finally, the results of the pilot project converge into one transferable model of trainer teacher tandems as mobility action within the lifelong learning process of teachers and trainers.

The kick-off meeting of the ETT Tandem project took place in Olbia, Italy in March 2015. From the second meeting in Copenhagen on, the meetings will have a parallel structure of conceptual management meetings of the project partners on the one hand and the pilot phase of Trainer-Te302acher-Tandems on the other hand. Each meeting will focus on the further development of the final product of the pilot phase – the Tandem Model – and include exchange between the management group and the Tandems. This aims at the provision of possibilities for collaborative learning, exchange and transfer of best practice experiences in European vocational education and training. Project partners and Tandems come from Austria, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Spain and Germany.