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Goals and Tasks

ETT Tandem

Two trainers or teachers from six participating countries execute jointly selected parts of the practical training, either at the enterprise or in another practical learning environment.

Main Goal: Development of a European Trainer Teacher Tandem Model

  • During six meetings the project partners will examine all conditions, methods and procedures which could have an influence on the realization of the ETT Tandem model and which have to be integrated into it.
  • Supporting materials will be developed (e.g. guidelines for the participants of the tandem) to use during the tandem exchanges
  • Testing of tandems parallel to the meetings (two days), starting with the second meeting
  • Reflection and evaluation of each tandem experience at the end of each training → reconsideration of training contents and training methods
  • Main and final goal: The model (in written and proven form), which includes “hand-on” recommendations for the optimization of training structures
  • Dissemination and transfer of the results to the target groups: Trainer and teacher, trainees and representatives of companies