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Logo bfi BFI Oberösterreich

BFI-Institute for Vocational Advancement is an Upper Austrian vocational training institution. BFI Upper Austria provides vocational education and training in a wide context of areas. Part of its educational activities especially focus on training schemes aimed at the (re-)integration of unemployed persons or persons disadvantaged in the labour market. Those pertinent educational and occupational schemes are designed and organised in close co-operation with the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS) and companies.

Logo ITCG A Deffenu ITCG Attilio Deffenu

The Istituto Tecnico “Attilio Deffenu” is a vocational school in Olbia (Italy) and provides research and experimentation in education, aiming at innovative teaching and methodology.

Logo OAED OAED-EPAS (Vocational School of Western Macedonia)

“OAED, Manpower Employment Organization of Greece, is the public authority and central structure managing:

– Active Labour Market Policies (ALMPs) for halting unemployment, promoting employment, and vocational training for both unemployed and employed citizens.

– Passive Labour Market Policies (PLMPs) concerning unemployment insurance measures (regular unemployment benefit) and other social security benefits and allowances (family allowance, maternity allowance etc.).

– ALMPs for initial vocational education combined with work practice/traineeship (Apprenticeship system).

OAED has implemented the institution of Apprenticeship Dual System in 51 Vocational Education Schools throughout Greece. The partner school within the ETT Tandem project is located in Kozani/ Western Macedonia.


Teknisk Erhvervsskole Center (TEC) is a large vocational college, situated on 5 campuses in Greater Copenhagen, attending 25.000 students during a year. TEC has a history of more than 135 years – the institution as it looks today is a dynamic merger of six institutions, the first merger starting out in 1999. TEC has a staff of 750 and offers around 25 different VET programmes and 3 Higher Technical Examination Programmes and several Adult Vocational Programmes.


XABEC is a vocational training centre operating since 2008 and is promoted by the EIFOR Foundation of the Region of Valencia.The training centre offers trainings in the three Spanish subsystems of vocational training: Vocational training (4 qualifications of Middle VET and 3 qualifications of Upper VET), education for employment (annually about 15-17 occupational training courses and an average of 12 continuing education courses for companies). The courses taught at the centre are focused in the area of industrial maintenance and building installations.

ZWH_Web_142x55 ZWH

The Central Agency for Continuing Vocational Education and Training in the Skilled Crafts (ZWH e.V.) is a nationwide operating service provider for all educational institutions in the skilled crafts sector. It is supported by the 53 chambers of skilled crafts, the regional associations and the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (ZDH).

ZWH conducts training needs analysis, executes development and testing projects by public mandate, develops course concepts and curricula and distributes training materials for vocational training and further training. So far, ZWH has successfully completed more than 70 publicly funded national and international VET projects and has extensive experience in the organization and implementation of vocational training policy funding programmes, projects and activities at the national and at the international / European level.